Feedster for iPhone and iPod Touch

Feedster is an effortless way to read all of your feeds. 

Unlike other feed readers, Feedster doesn't require you to create an account on a third-party Website to get feeds on your iOS device. Feedster is a totally self-contained, native iOS app with no registrations, usernames, or passwords; just the articles you care about downloaded right from your device, when you want them. 

Adding a new feed is easy. Just put in the URL of a Website and Feedster will automatically detect its feed URL. Or you can find the feed link you want and touch it right from within Feedster's integrated browser window. Feedster will detect any feed links you touch and let you add them to your library. 

You'll find browsing articles a pleasure. Feedster keeps track of which articles you've seen, and lets you skip through only the new articles that have arrived since the last time you browsed your feeds. When you decide to view an article, that article's pre-loaded summary is presented instantly, while the full article loadsthe background, striking a balance between not making you wait to read content, and minimizing your device's network and storage resources. 

Feedster also has first-class Podcast capabilities. It automatically detect Podcasts, downloads them either at your direction or automatically, keeps track of where you are in each Podcast, and lets you skip forward and backward. To skip forward 30 seconds, just double click your earbuds' main button. How far along you are in your most recent podcast is displayed at a glance on the overview for that feed. You can even browse your articles while you listen to a podcast, all within Feedster.